Big shout out to Dee Jae Paeste for putting this awesome event together! What a great venue Lokal Hostel rooftop is. We started setting up at at 12 in the afternoon and by 2pm this is what our booth looked like:


At 3pm the event kicked off… a good friend of ours arrived: thanks for posing in the picture Daniel Peters! I shouldn’t forget to mention that the guys next to us from ‘Phat Boys’ made some amazing Ice Cream sandwiches. It was a real struggle not to spend the money we made on Ice Cream on such a sunny Saturday.



Our neighboring stalls also had it going down: tacos, egg + salmon canapés, candy-coated apples, deep-fried Ravioli. You name it, it was there!




The event really started to pick up in the evening, despite Lokal Hostel selling Asia Brewery’s Brew Kettle beers (it’s corporate beer people, don’t be fooled!) we still had a lot of interest generated. The truth is, people will pay 3 times the amount for a quality product (that gets them 4 times as buzzed).




Around 8:30pm the DJ cranked up the music and it turned into a proper roof top party. It was nice to reconnect with other friends in the beverage industry who we hadn’t seen in a while. They were impressed with the booth we had and the products on display. As it turns out, we were the favourite pre-game beverage suppliers for Saturday night. Johanna and Jorge were kept busy all night.



Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what you prefer) the weather turned and we were all given a nice shower of cold water. The moose was loving it!



It rained pretty hard so protecting all of our stock became somewhat of a priority.


The great thing about arriving early is that you get first pick on where you want to set your stall up. Luckily we chose to build underneath the only canopy at the venue. A lot of the other exhibitors took refuge in our booth; to be honest, I think it was more of an excuse for them to get closer to the cold beer! 🙂


I have to say, despite the rain that ended the event pre-maturely (9:30pm) it was a truly awesome event justified but the fantastic turn out. Manila needs to have more events like these so we have to give mad props to Dee Jae for putting this together for all the small start ups out there. We will surely be attending the next one!