Our vision is to establish Juan Brew as a premier craft beer brewery in South-East Asia with a community-centric approach to business that includes the distribution of the highest quality beer-making supplies, and excellent customer service.

Our mission is to make beer and beer brewing more accessible and convenient to everyone by providing the highest quality brewing kits, equipment and raw materials as well as producing quality craft beer inspired by the people and places of the Philippines.

We Believe In:

  • Fair prices for all our quality products.
  • Giving back to the craft beer community through the Craft Beer Association of the Philippines.
  • Social Responsibility through our partner charities.
  • Sustainable operation by using environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.

Juan Brew Shop

Juan Brew frequently participates in Craft Beer shows and exhibitions to help introduce and promote Craft Beer to the Philippine people.

In coordination with our affiliate Rudolf Lietz, Inc. Juan Brew officially distributes Brooklyn Brew Shop products as well as Malt, Hops, and Yeast online to the everyday home brewer.

Our logistical partners allow us to sell our products nationwide. We are a one stop shop for brewing supplies in the Philippines!


Juan Brewery:

Juan Brew beer is produced on a 500L brewery designed and built in the Philippines.

Juan Brewery Fermenter Tanks

Not only did we design and build our own brewery, we also ensured that it is completely powered by renewable energy  achieved via Solar Water Heaters and a 46kw Photovoltaic system on the roof. Excess energy that is not consumed by the brewery is sold back into the grid.

Our team hopes to set the example for the integration of green energy in the brewing industry and to prove that drinking beer IS good for the environment!

Juan Brew Team August 2015

Juan Brewery Design Concept:


Actual Solar Panel and Solar Water Heater Installation: